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Rhyolite Opal Wand

Rhyolite Opal Wand

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Crystal for: Solutions for Healing Past Traumas and Past Hurts.
Wow ......The power from this crystal is Amazing to clear out the repetitive thoughts and Pain.
Rhyolite carries an Energy that will deliver a Cheerful
 and Uplifting vibe to clear away self-doubt.
Rhyolite Replaces it with a confident "I've got this" attitude!  Allowing you to deal with unresolved
past events to Regain your self-worth by Instilling an Abundance of Happiness to discover a new Joyful you. 
* An Amazing Crystal if you are going though any breakup or loss.

Wands average 3 -4 inches long, Sizes and shapes may vary.
CC’s wands are created with the finest of Crystals.
*Be sure to watch CC’s opening Video to learn the proper use of a Wand.

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