Solar Eclipse is Coming April 8,2024

Solar Eclipse is Coming April 8,2024

Get ready, Ground yourself with Red Jasper or Hematite.


The eclipse is going to shift us into an even Higher Vibration, which means if you are not properly grounded you mind and body will NOT be able to adjust to the Vibration. (This goes for your pets also).

Please take heed to CC’s teachings (which she has taught for 4 years now).


Click on the link below to read more about Vibrating in the 5th Dimension

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April 8 2024 a complete Solar eclispe will happen.


What you need to prepare for this:


Do Not be AFRAID DO Not allow Fear to overtake you!!!!!


This will be a Huge time shift; it will affect you in a very Positive way if you follow the steps below.


If you run at the lower vibration…….Well……. I’d rather not say……Do the Right thing with LOVE.


Follow my teachings, Ground yourself daily upon waking, Keep your Chakras aligned and in tune and Raise your Vibration several times a day with an Angel tuning fork. It is very Important to read all that I wrote January 2021

Please take 5 minutes of your day and read, process, and take heed to my teaching. Click the link below.


Do not allow anyone to put fear into your mind for this Solar Eclipse. Fear is what causes you to vibrate in the 3D which is the lower Vibration that you are NOT supposed to be vibrating at.

Preparation: Ground in the AM, use an Angel tuning during the day to raise your Vibration, wear a Apophyllite, Icelandic spar, or a Labradorite Crystal to open your six sense (intuitive) so you can receive the messages & information from your Angels.

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Close your chapters……(Shadow work)…Live in the Now with Love, Peace, Compassion, and integrity.



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