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Hand Crafted Pendants by CC Sees your Guiding Light

Experience the enchanting world of Spirituality with our

Unique Hand Crafted Crystal Necklace Pendants.


Why Raw Crystal Pendants

 The energy that resonates from a Raw Crystal has the power to heal you in more ways than 1

Hot Tip:

The Raw Crystal Pendant that you choose to wear sets the mood for your day.


The closer you keep a Crystal to your Body  the better it performs it's earthly duties.


Just like you choose your outfit for the day, also choose your Crystal to wear.


 Decide just what it is that you are feeling and what you need to add to your emotions for the day.


You must always start with Protection Crystals


If you are not sure what to wear your Clear Quartz is always you go to

because you can program it to do whatever it is that you need for the day.


An, Excellent quality,   high energy,   fully charged   Raw Crystal has many attributes, this is why we turn Our Amazing Crystals into Uniquely designed Pendants,

The closer you keep a Crystal to your Body  the better it performs it's earthly duties.


Each meticulously crafted Pendant is made with LOVE and Angelic assistance capturing  the beauty and the powerful energies of that specific Crystal, serving  those seeking a deeper connection to the power that Mother Earth has given us with the divine Energy of Crystals.


From the serene tranquility of Amethyst, to the gentle Love of Rose Quartz; whether you are searching to Calm Anxiety or Stress, wanting to Protect yourself from Negative energy, searching to grow Intuitively, bring in Abundance,

help with Anger issues, Ground your entire being to Mother Earth,

release the pain from a loss. or just be Happy.


CC's Crystal Pendants resonate with your soul,

Harmonizing your energy and uplifting your spirit.


Embrace the sacred power of Raw Crystals and elevate your spiritual journey with our extraordinary collection today.