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Real Crystal Hand Crafted Bracelets

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Because our Designers are so creative, all Fancy Bracelets are all created differently. CC knows that you will just Love the bracelet that will be created for you. Trust that the Angels will choose what they believe will suit you the best to bring blessings into your life.

  • All of CC’s Bracelets are handcrafted here at CC Sees your Guiding Light.

  • As they are Creating the bracelets they are praying to Our Angels and infusing them with

Love……..Happiness …and   Good Health.

  • When the bracelet is completed, it is placed inside a

Copper Pyramid with a Clear Quartz Crystal to amplify the energy and power charge the Bracelet then it is blessed with Palo Santo.

  • We take great pride in only using the finest of Crystal beads to assure that you attain the highest power from your Bracelet.

Hot Tip:

 Please be sure to encircle your bracelet with one leaf of Sage after every use.

FYI:  If you do NOT Cleanse your Crystals after every use, you may get Physically or Emotionally sick!

  • FYI: There are so many bracelets on other sites so… If a bracelet is inexpensive, that is a clue that the beads are NOT real crystals.

Adorn your wrist with the captivating beauty and transformative energy of

CC's Real Gemstone Bracelets.

Each bracelet is meticulously crafted, by CC's Jewelry Designers intertwining exquisite gemstones that carry their own unique vibrations and healing properties.

CC's bracelets are constructed with the highest quality of Crystal beads and infused with Love and Harmony becoming a wearable companion, amplifying your intentions and harmonizing your energy.

Whether you seek emotional balance, Spiritual connection,

Protection, Happiness, Good Fortune or simply a stylish accessory that reflects your inner radiance,

CC's Crystal Bracelets serve as reminders of the remarkable power of gemstones and the profound impact they can have on your well-being.

Elevate your style and embrace the transformative energy with our extraordinary collection of a Real Crystal Bracelet today.

Please watch this video to learn more: Crystal Bracelets | CC Spiritual Shop (