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Crystal Wands    (Obelisk)


A Crystal Wand is a great tool to release what you do NOT want in your body and Welcome in what you DO want.


Hot Tip:  Most People just leave there Crystal Wands laying around their home because they do Not understand just what they were Created for and how to work with the Wands energy.

With their smooth, tapered design, these Crystal Wands allow for focused intention and precise energy channeling releasing the unwanted and manifesting your true desires.


A Crystal wand  Has Amazing energy and will work hard for you,

just use it properly.

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Harness the captivating power of gemstones with our remarkable collection of Gemstone Wands. Skillfully crafted with precision and intention, each Wand becomes a conduit for the unique energies and healing properties of gemstones.


Know and understand what the crystal does, from the soothing vibrations of amethyst to the energizing radiance of  Orange Calcite.

Crystal wands serve as versatile tool for energy work, meditation, and manifestation.

Whether used for chakra balancing, aura cleansing, or directing healing energy, CC's Gemstone

Crystal Wands unlock the profound potential within Crystals, offering a tangible connection to the transformative powers of the Earth.

Embrace the profound magic of our Gemstone Wands and allow them to guide you on a journey of energetic exploration and spiritual transformation.