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Aragonite Crystal Custom Pendant #17

Aragonite Crystal Custom Pendant #17

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Aragonite Crystal Custom Pendant


Crystal for: Healing "CC’s Master Healing Stone"

Aragonite is attuned to Mother Earth, and with CC’s personal energy infused in them; Aragonite is a phenomenal & reliable healing crystal!

Aragonite calms your nerves, relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger, bringing self-confidence and self-worth. Aragonite will alleviate your body of pain.
*I CC, will personally infuse and Power Charge your Aragonite with all of the Healing Energy that God and my Angels have instilled in me.

Wrapped in Copper Wire

*You can always call us and personally pick out your crystal and the color of wire that you would like it to be wrapped in. 725-244-0114

*Because we work with Raw Crystals; sizes and shapes will vary.

(Pictures are just a sample)

We ask that you trust in CC’s Angel Guides to pick your perfect Crystal; the one that resonates with your personality and vibration.

Wire Change = No Charge

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