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Purple Brecciated Jasper Wand

Purple Brecciated Jasper Wand

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Crystal for: Willpower, Confidence and Mental Clarity
 Purple Brecciated Jasper brings mental clarity and focus, uplifting and rejuvenating your Spirit.
  Purple Brecciated Jasper is super powerful  to keep you grounded to bring in confidence and creative inspiration.
 Purple Brecciated Jasper is a wonderful Crystal to work with during times of stress, the information will come in an organized insight rather than in bits and pieces, making it easier for you to understand providing immediate Clarity Tranquility, and Order. 

Wands average 3 -4 inches long, Sizes and shapes may vary.
CC’s wands are created with the finest of Crystals.
*Be sure to watch CC’s opening Video to learn the proper use of a Wand.

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