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Gold Tigers Eye Crystal Custom Pendant #92

Gold Tigers Eye Crystal Custom Pendant #92

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Gold Tigers Eye Crystal Custom Pendant


Crystal of: Positive Change and Good Fortune
Tigers Eye Sharpens your senses helping you to pay attention to details and prepare for Positive change and Increased intuition.  Tigers eye is one of the best aids for Focus and mental Clarity to assist in resolving problems and provides perfect support when one is afraid of making a wrong decision. Hold or wear Tigers Eye to allow for quick thinking, to move past challenges and using your Intuitive capabilities to size up someone’s character and to realize the consequences of your own actions.

Tigers eye also brings Good Fortune when you shift your Prospective to Positivity.

These beautiful hand crafted Tigers eye Pendants are great to wear all the time to bring Positive change and Abundance into your life.

*Wrapped in Gold Wire

*You can always Call us and personally pick out your Crystal and the color of wire that you would like it to be wrapped in. 725-244-0114

*Because we work with Raw Crystals, sizes and shapes will vary.

(Pictures are just a sample)

We ask that you trust in CC’s Angel Guides to pick your perfect crystal;the one that resonates with your personality and vibration.

*Wire Change = No Charge

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