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Bloodstone Crystal Custom Pendant #19

Bloodstone Crystal Custom Pendant #19

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Bloodstone Crystal Custom Pendant

Crystal for healing and enhancing energy levels

Bloodstone will Support your Blood flow to Purify your body by Raising your Vibration to Increase your Energy levels, helping to overcome Stress and Anxiety.

Bloodstone brings Love and Clarity to your mind in order to search out your true Life’s Purpose.  Bloodstone is a Happy and Joyful Crystal, because when you Physically feel good, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to do.

*Bloodstone is a Must have Crystal!

Wrapped in Copper Wire

*You can always call us and personally pick out your crystal and the color of wire that you would like it to be wrapped in. 725-244-0114

*Because we work with Raw Crystals, sizes and shapes will vary.

(Pictures are just a sample)

We ask that you trust in CC’s Angel Guides to pick your perfect Crystal; the one that resonates with your personality and vibration.

Wire Change = No Charge

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