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Moonstone/Yellow Crystal Raw #R72

Moonstone/Yellow Crystal Raw #R72

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Yellow Moonstone

Crystal for:  Emotional Support Opening the Heart Chakra 

Yellow Moonstone  has a feminine Loving energy that promotes the Divine in all situations and brings out the best in you.

Yellow Moonstone gives Emotional Support to the Heart as it Stimulates the mind, 
Yellow Moonstone will Sooth Worry or Anxiety. 

Hot Tip:   

Moonstone has a beyond beautiful shimmer. It will shine with a soft glowing light that has been attributed to the light of the moon.

There exists a myth that moonstone was formed from the solidified rays of the moon. It is believed that it contains the very light of the moon in the crystal itself!

Moonstone is also associated with the Roman Goddess, Diana, who was the goddess of the moon.

This myth has made Moonstone especially popular to wear as a pendant, #58 because it is considered to be a amulet, bringing in Good Fortune, Protection, Clarity and enhanced Intuition.

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