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Carnelian Crystal Bracelet #BR16

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet #BR16

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Carnelian Bracelet

Carnelian is a Crystal to: Boost your Self Esteem by keeping you Balanced and Grounded.

Carnelian will Give you Courage to make Positive Life changes with a Renewed Joyful Energy Motivating you with a Loving Energy to overcome  difficulties.

Carnelian will boost your Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

IMPORTANT: Carnelian reignites your inner fire teaching you that you are worthy of the world, reminding you not to settle for anything less.

Hot Tip: * Wear a Carnelian Bracelet to bring in Positive Life Changes and find a New LOVE!


 Small =       20-22 Beads

Medium =  23-25 Beads

Large =       26-28 Beads

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