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Enhydro Quartz Crystal Custom Pendant #E7

Enhydro Quartz Crystal Custom Pendant #E7

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Enhydro Quartz Pendant

This design is created and designed by CC's Famous Jewelry Designer, Ailyn.


Enhydro Quartz is a Crystal for: transforming energies to enhance your mind, body and Spirit.


Enhydro Quartz is an Amazing Crystal because it contains water or water bubbles that will Amplify the Energy of what you want and expect it to do.

Enhydro Quartz can help transform, transmit, amplify, focus, store, and structure energies that will be very beneficial to the body. 

Enhydro Quartz will also enhance your thoughts and emotions to take you to a better place.


Hot Tip: We here at CC's call this: "CC's Happy Crystal!"

Enhydro Quartz makes your body and mind feel so good that all you are left with is Pure Happiness! 

*Wear this Pendant to Vibrate in a Happy, Loved-filled Vibration.

*Wrapped in Copper Wire


*You can always Call us and personally pick out your Crystal and the color of wire that you would like it to be wrapped in. 725-244-0114

*Because we work with Raw Crystals, sizes and shapes will vary.

(Pictures are just a sample)

We ask that you trust in CC’s Angel Guides to pick your perfect Crystal; the one that resonates with your personality and vibration.

*Wire Change = No Charge

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