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Palo Santo Sage Sage#22

Palo Santo Sage Sage#22

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Palo Santo Sage


Palo Santo Sage The real name is Holy Wood.

CC brings in her Palo Santo Sage direct from South America. Buyer Beware Most Palo Santo now is wood sprayed with oil...!!!!!

Palo Santo Relaxes the mind, body and Spirit.

It Allows a stronger connection to Source to better open your senses.

Palo Santo Sage brings in the feeling of Peace and Love leaving you with all that is Good.

Hot tip: * Palo Santo  does  NOT  Remove Negative! it brings in Goodness

 *The Smoke and the Aroma can transform you!  It's truly Magical!

* Please only Light with a Candle


*Watch my How to Video on TIKTOK

CC Sees your Guiding Light

1 stick
Bag of 10 sticks

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