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Pinon Pine Sage Sage #15

Pinon Pine Sage Sage #15

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Pinon Pine Sage

Pinion Pine Sage Sage #15 is carefully harvested from the majestic Pinion Pine forests of the Western United States.

This fragrant sage is perfect for putting Positive back into your home or just to burn as incense. Enjoy the sweet, woody aroma of this high-quality sage.

Pinon Pine Sage: includes Pinon (Pine Resin) to increase the Cleansing and Protective qualities of the mighty Pine.

Pinion Pine Sage has Spiritual and Healing qualities Strengthening and Reviving your Mind....Body and Spirit.

Pinion Pine Sage is used to refresh your senses and revive a tired Mind, Body and Spirit.

Pinion Pine Sage relieves the mind  of Stress and Anxiety. It truly is Rejuvenating ! 

4" Long 

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