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Quartz/Smokey Crystal Raw #R95

Quartz/Smokey Crystal Raw #R95

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Stone of: Pulling out Pain & Negativity

This is one of CC’s Favorite stones! CC calls it her Miracle stone! If you want to Relieve Pain & Anguish, pull out all
your negativity then this is the stone for you. *However, we Must teach you how to properly use this stone. (Instructions)*Place it on affected area, leave on for
ONLY 5 minutes, the Swelling & Pain will be
completely gone. You MUST Soak & Cleanse your
stone in Distilled water & Sea salt immediately, Never move
it to another spot until it has been cleansed or you will get very Sick. *Warning never wear or Use Smokey Quarts longer than 5 minutes. * For complete healing hold an
Aragonite Crystal in your left hand.



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