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Que Sera Crystal Bracelet BR59

Que Sera Crystal Bracelet BR59

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Que Sera is a Stone of: Protection and Extreme Happiness
The extraordinary Que-Sera Crystal is perhaps the most uplifting Talisman (Good Luck charm & Protection) to be unearthed in modern history. For the metaphysical world, it has it all, does it all, and is a Crystal for all. Que-Sera removes the need for stress and turmoil, and places one in the moment to enjoy the things one wishes to do. Que Sera is a “good times only” Crystal, revealing many opportunities for one to engage in happy, agreeable and entertaining activities.
* Wear a Que Sera Bracelet to alive Stress and Feel the Happy Good times with lots of Good Luck

Small =       20-22 Beads

Medium =  23-25 Beads

Large =      26-28 Beads


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