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Tourmaline Black Crystal Raw #R114 Buy 2 get 2 FREE

Tourmaline Black Crystal Raw #R114 Buy 2 get 2 FREE

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Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a Crystal for Protection from Negative Energy.

Tourmaline is a must have Crystal!

Tourmaline is one of your greatest Protective Crystals from others Negative energies. 

*When you wear Tourmaline, it will bit you, or get warm when it is full.  You must immediately remove it and put on another Piece of Tourmaline.  

Warning!  If you leave it on all that bad energy it collected will enter your body! 

*CC Recommends that you keep back up Tourmaline and Pyrite in a mesh bag {so they can breath} and put your dirty ones in a zip lock baggie until you cleanse them.

*Great to wear with Pyrite to both reflect and collect Negativity. 

It is best to own several pieces of Tourmaline, that is why we offer buy 2 get 2 Free.


Buy 2 get 2 FREE

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