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Resin Incense

Resin Incense

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Resin Incense


Why Use Resin Incense in Meditation and Energy Cleansing?

There are plenty of reasons why resin incense has been embedded in human life and has been shaping human well-being since ancient times. For starters

*You  put your intent into the Resin and you begin to Bless your Body and your Surroundings. The smoke Blesses and Carries your intent to the heavens and the aromatherapy cleanses you thoughts.

*It is best to use Incense burners

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These Incense burners have a handle to allow you to encircle your Body and walk though your home with ease!


1. Burning resin promotes a healthier inner world. - When burned, resins produce a scent that activates desirable thoughts, and Emotions,  In aromatherapy, herbs are used to promote relaxation, creativity, increased concentration and a Harmonizing Mood.

2. Aromatic herbs purify the air. - Studies suggest that herbs with antioxidant properties Purify the air when burned, making it clean and fresh. Additionally, resin incense releases a strong aroma that covers up unwanted odors in your home

3. It boosts mood levels. - Research shows that smelling pleasant aromas

activates the emotional center of the brain. In effect, it influences the hormonal levels, regulates the nervous system, and relaxes the body. Aromatic resin incense is also believed to reduce headache, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.

4. It harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. - Frankincense and Good Fortune are known energy purifiers. Many cultures around the world use these resins in religious and spiritual ceremonies to cleanse the aura.

Lighting a frankincense or Protection helps remove negative energies from your chakras . This then strengthens the connection between your mind, body, and spirit, making you feel at ease. All you need to do is use resin to cleanse your body and your space.

5. It enhances your connection to the divine. - Frankincense and myrrh (two of the presents at the birth of Jesus Christ) are the best aromatics to use to get in touch with God. For centuries, both resins have been used in spiritual ceremonies to connect with angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and even deceased loved ones.

6. Resins are a tool for a productive meditation. - The smoke from burned resins calms the nervous system. The invigorating aroma soothes your emotion, heightens your awareness, and sets the right ambiance for focus and solitude.

The smoke also primes you to be mindful and observant of your thoughts and feelings while tuning out distractions around you. These are necessary when entering into a tranquil state during meditation.

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