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Rose of Jericho Sage Sage#21

Rose of Jericho Sage Sage#21

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Rose Of Jericho Sage


Rose of Jericho Sage: Opens windows for NEW BEGINNINGS, Growth, Perseverance and LOVE

Directions : Place your Dried up Jericho on a large plate, place your intention on a white piece of paper under the plate.

Read your intention then slowly Add water to it, don't overflow, (I personally use a spray bottle of water) watch it grow  and  come back to life, just as your Intention will grow and Manifest.

(Water daily & Read your Intent ) until your intent has been answered . Once you have obtained what you were asking for, Tear up the paper Give Thanks , let the Jericho dry up and begin again with a New intent. 


* I like to give my Jericho back to Mother earth every 4 months and I start with a New Jericho

Jericho is the Resurrection Flower.

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