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Ruby Zoisite Wand

Ruby Zoisite Wand

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Crystal of: Abundant Love and Wealth
Ruby in Zoisite offers you an Energy Of Abundance, whether Love, Good Fortune, Happiness Spiritual Growth or Wealth. 
Ruby Zoisite has the capacity to help Heal the heart, by removing any blockages to loving energies then 
Ruby Zoisite will stimulate your heart to assist you in opening up to divine Pure Love bringing happiness and Passion into the life of the wearer.
*Once you acquire Pure Love an Abundance of wealth will follow.

* Shine a Black light on this Crystal and watch the Rubies Glow!

Wands average 3 -4 inches long, Sizes and shapes may vary.
CC’s wands are created with the finest of Crystals.
*Be sure to watch CC’s opening Video to learn the proper use of a Wand.

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