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White Sage Sage#7

White Sage Sage#7

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 White Sage


 Every household should  always have White Sage.

You should be using White Sage daily for Cleansing off the Negative that you picked up from someone or the environment.

It is very Important that you use the leafs of sage to clean your Crystals on a daily basis.

White sage is from the coastal mountains of California.

White Sage is a large leaf sage which is prized for its rich aromatic properties and the removal of Negativity.

White Sage  Removes Most NEGATIVE energy. 

Hot Tip: Your Small bundle of White Sage is for a one time use. (give the remainder to Mother Earth) 

Hot tip: Your Large Bundle of White Sage is to be broken up so that you can use the leaves in your Sea Shell or the single leaves on your body or to clean your Crystals.

*The bags of White sage that CC offers is already broken up for you.

White Sage Bag= Sage#5
White Sage Leaves =Sage#6

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