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Yerba Santa Loose Leaf Sage.... Sage#25

Yerba Santa Loose Leaf Sage.... Sage#25

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Yerba Santa Loose Leaf Sage

* CC's Favorite


Yerba Santa Sage is a wonderful ceremonial Sage to burn or Carry for Healing,

Spiritual Strength and Protection.


Yerba Santa Sage has a  Beautiful sweet smell that will Enhance your intuitive Psychic Abilities, and Protect you with its Magical Powers. Yerba Santa is an herb and the leaf is used to make medicine;  great for respiratory conditions including coughs, colds, asthma, or Fever.

*Put a small amount in a sash bag and carry it for Protection. 

*Add Yerba Santa to your bath water for magical Purification and Beautification.

*Pour boiling water over the herb and let steep & Enjoy the aroma for Spiritual clarity and Awakening.

*Keep sickness away smell the Yerba Santa Daily...CC's Remedy!

*You can Relight this Sage it does Not hold onto negativity.

4-5" Long 

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